It’s all in the Details

mustangAsking me to help write your life story is like taking your car to a detailer. You will entrust a valued possession to a professional who specializes in presentation. It’s certainly not something you do every day, and each step in the process is a revelation.

Detailers and life writers pay attention to myriad items that create great impressions. First, we discover what to keep and what to relocate; organizing storage compartments and memories into logical places for easy access. We want everyone in the car or reading the story to understand where it’s going and why.

We also take out the things that need washing, vacuuming and repair such as dusty reminders of trips and relationships past. Together, we find things long forgotten and now relevant to describing a life and its lessons. We leave no mat unturned or cubicle unexplored in our quest for the story.

Once the main unveiling is accomplished, we’ll look at the isolated parts so vital to illustration. We will brush away particles so that the bike you lost in 1930 will shine like new again. You’ll see Grandpa’s wry smile and feel him lifting you from a swing in his callused, strong hands. The jobs you lost and landed in 1960 will rush back in riveting emotion. Your scenes will be polished and written with clarity and the perspective of hindsight.

Photos enhance stories with visual support and a sensory appeal to strengthen your message. Yours will be selected and improved with technology to make your story come alive beyond its words. They will serve as the glass in your car that allows us to see what’s inside as the driver uses them to stay on the road.

When you finally see your car/story, your surprise will become delight. Everything so familiar is refreshed and ready to share. You will gladly offer a ride or a read to those who value your company and wisdom. 

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