Memoir Workshops

Life Story & Memoir Writing Workshops in the Chicago suburbs empowers writers and non-writers alike through its workshops and seminars. To schedule your Chicago area memoir writing workshop or seminar, please contact us at 630/248-7060.

  • In Joyful Journaling, participants learn how to make lessons in the moment available to others such as children and grandchildren through careful, colorful written descriptions and reflections.
  • In Marvelous Memoirs, participants capture their lives’ most important junctures in historical narrative that explores the places, circumstances and feelings that made them life-changing.
  • In Five Steps to Writing a Life Story, writers and non-writers learn a structured, comprehensive method for considering what makes their lives unique and methods for sharing the elements of experience that will inspire others.

We schedule both one-time or multi-session programs tailored to the objectives of both large and small audiences. We provide 30 to 90 minute mini-workshops, 4 to 6 session workshops, and customized sessions and classes designed for your specific audience. Our memoir writing workshop classes are available for these types of groups:

  • Senior groups
  • Retirement centers
  • Church groups
  • Libraries
  • Park districts
  • Civic organizations
  • Colleges
  • Various types of clubs

Participants derive both practical knowledge and encouragement from LivingStories classes as they prepare to write their own memoirs or to interview loved ones with the same purpose in mind.

” Thank you for the great presentation that you gave to the Rotary Club of Wheaton on “Living Stories US”. The presentation was excellent and I had many favorable comments from our club members on this product, which is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who wants to give a loved one the chance to “tell their story”! … Mark Smith, Vice President-Programming, Rotary Club of Wheaton, IL