Memoir Writing Services

A professional is ready to meet you and learn how you would like to be remembered in your written memoir. 

man-computerMemories are Precious Heirlooms

Throughout life, we learn, change, grow, and experience things uniquely — like no one else on earth. Unless we permanently and purposefully record our memories and thoughts, they will pass away with us and be forgotten…

  • You were born at a specific time and place…Share your history!
  • You decided on your life’s direction…Explain your choices!
  • You developed into a mature, satisfied adult…How?
  • You contributed a good effort for your family, community, and perhaps a profession…What kept you going?

Your simple, complete and easy to read Living Story memoir will be an illustrated tribute; a booklet that you’ll be proud to share.

Ready to share your story? Contact us at 630/248-7060 to schedule a complimentary memoir writing consultation today. primarily serves Wheaton, Naperville, St. Charles, Glen Ellyn, Elgin and the Chicago area. We work with individuals and couples.

We Help You Preserve Your Life Story

We will schedule a series of private interviews to which you need only bring your ideas and memories. We will customize our meetings with your objectives in mind and record everything you say so that our work is as accurate in the retelling on paper as possible.

restaurant-coupleAt our offices in Wheaton, we will transcribe, consolidate, lightly edit and add historical and contextual facts to your life story. We will retain your voice, the most personal aspect of this project and the one that will be most special to your loved ones. We will add a small number of your photographs to illustrate key life occasions or people you believe changed its course.

Finally, we will share a draft document with you and ask if there are items you would like to add, delete, or further explain before we prepare the final work. At that time, we’ll also confirm a delivery date and the number of copies you would like us to provide.

Get Your Life Story on Paper and More

We provide the following options for preserving your life story in multiple formats:

  • Digital Audio of All Interviews
  • Electronic Microsoft Word Document
  • Binder with Printed Life Story including Photos

We partner with other companies to provide these items:

  • Videos of Your Memoir
  • Bound Life Story Books

Some of the above items are included in our standard project costs. Others may require additional fees. Feel free to contact us at 630/248-7060 if you have any questions.

“Janette, I don’t know where you had the idea for this but I’ve never heard it before. I’m very lucky that you made it so easy for me to put this story together. All I can do is thank you!” … Ray D., age 83, Wheaton IL