Memoir Writing Process

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At, our specialty is writing about the lives of individuals and couples. We work with you to discover the most interesting and relevant aspects of your history. We research facts and places to inform the reader about the context of your memories. ¬†We collaborate on a final product that presents your life as you’d like it expressed.

Tell Your Story

By speaking and writing about life, individuals, couples, and groups put their pasts in perspective and better understand how they have thrived. Many see their futures differently as a result. Documenting life-changing events leaves them more receptive to new opportunities as they arise.

Our Process for Preserving Your Life Story

  • We will ask questions and listen carefully to your views, recording responses for later writing.
  • We will research and add the geographic, historical, and practical contexts of your life.
  • We will collaborate and deliver a written result that is relevant, compelling, and understood by readers of any age.
“Thanks so much for your time and dedication to my mom’s story. My brothers and I, along with our families, will cherish your work!” … Brenda B., Valparaiso, IN