Party with Purpose

In three weeks, we’re having a party featuring wine, cheese and a live band. Why? What’s the occasion? None, really. Why does there have t0 be one?┬áTo party is, in my definition, to connect with lots of people in a short length of time; to do more than call, text or email–to meet and maybe even shake hands, hug or dance together.

We’re inviting about 50 people we don’t know. We’ve lived in a new place for two years, and we socialize with the near neighbors but not the ones around the block. So, we’re inviting them, too. Fifteen years ago, they used to have gatherings, but they fizzled when volunteers stopped planning events. It’s easy to draw back in and settle on a few relationships when more are so hard to maintain.

So, we’re breaking with the local custom and offering to resurrect some ties. In this case, they’re geographical. In other cases, they are set in time, like graduation classes. They can be in families; like among cousins long forgotten. I believe that’s why genealogy has grown popular. People are missing their ties; their anchors to more.

Let’s hope the party is fun; that its renewal of ties is positive; that any past grievances are forgotten. With so few chances like this of late, why would anyone want to misbehave? And yet, being face to face allows honesty, much like writing does. It strips away all our buffers of paper and technology and over-booked calendars. It connects us again with what is real.


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