Working to Be

Sometimes, we need to just be. That means not rushing, striving, climbing, thinking, worrying or stretching to fit. It means settling into ourselves. It’s hard.

But as age advances, we must, too–realizing that all that’s gone before was meant to happen; whether we willed it or not…whether we were prepared or not…whether we tried to stop it or not. Then as now, there was/is a higher power offering us permission to “be,” provided we follow our best instincts and stay open to opportunities and wisdom. Guidance comes from above and within, whether we are listening or not.

So today, let’s work on living as if we are following a light out of darkness, staying true to our first ideas of how to spend precious time. Let’s not be drawn into or continue in stressful roles but search for those that offer more joy. Work is fulfilling when our favorite abilities are invited, embraced and utilized for good. It allows us to be enough.

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